An indispensable resource for church teaching on marriage and family.  The search engine accesses you to a myriad of relevant topics on Church teachings on marriage.  With over 1100 varied topics on marriage and family alone.  

afa-callAmerican Family Association is the largest pro-family, pro-Christian values organization in the U.S.  Its focus is to motive people to take a stand on cultural and moral issues at the local, state and national levels. 

cerca-call-familyCatholic Education Resource Center provides a myriad of links for to support parents in their roles as primary educators of their children. 



family-facts-call-2013Family Facts – Research from the Heritage Foundation provides trends of family and religious practice and analyzes their role in maintaining civil society in America. Charts, briefs, reports, and videos are organized in eight major topics, from Marriage & Family to Economic Well-Being to Community Involvement.

faith-family-call Family Life Center International is catholic website offering resources geared toward deepening a family's love and knowledge of their faith and their marriage vocation. This program focuses primarily on the roles of husbands and fathers in the family. www.familylifecenter.net

parent-leadership-call-familyAuthor James Stetson offers on this website valuable parenting advice for successful parent leadership and access to his articles and publications. 



book-iconArmstrong, P., Catholic Truths for Our Children – Guidelines for Parents, Scepter Press, 2006.  As the primary educators of our children, we parents have the responsibility of handing down our faith. Our role is to raise children knowing God, wanting to serve God and loving God.  This book helps parents lay the foundation of understanding and embracing the faith.

book-iconBennet, W.J., The Educated Child – A Parents Guide, Free Press, 1999. This book gives parents the benchmarks of state-of-the-art curriculum for an academically well-rounded child.  It also covers teaching character, avoiding school problems, handling temptations and troubles (drugs, sex, media) and issues in education reform.  Other books by Mr. William Bennett that help parents in guiding their children into responsible adulthood are The Book of Virtues and The Moral Compass. Mr. Bennett was Secretary of Education under President Ronald Reagan. 

book-iconChess, MD, S. and Thomas, A., MD, Know Your Child – An Authoritative Guide for Parents, Basic Books Inc., 1987.  This book gives parents a better understanding, from a medical perspective, of the complexities of human development and parenting. 

book-iconDobson, J., Dare to Discipline, Tyndale Press, 1992. Written by a well-known psychologist, radio-talk show host, and author, this book covers the core principles of parenting.

book-iconDobson, J., Parenting isn’t for Cowards, Word Book Publishers, 1987. 

book-iconEyre, L., Eyre, R., Three Steps to a Strong Family, Simon & Schuster,  1995. This book teaches about building strong family relationships. It focuses on fairness, self-discipline, responsibility, and decision-making skills.

book-iconEyre, L., Eyre, R., Teaching your Children Responsibility, Simon & Schuster, 1982.  Nothing is more important that instilling Christian values and building character in our children.  This book is one of many from the Eyres that focuses on growing virtue.  It is a how-to book with loads of practical advice.

book-iconGuarendi, R., You’re a Better Parent than you Think!, Prentice-Hall, 1985.

book-iconLovasik, L., The Catholic Family Handbook, Sophia Institute Press, 1962 

book-iconPopov, L.K., The Family Virtues Guide – Simple Ways to Bring Out the Best in Our Children, Plume, 1997.  Through a collection of fifty-two virtues, one for each week of the year, Popov instructs parents how to teach morals and ethics to their young children.  A non-religious oriented presentation of the virtues such as trust, caring, humility and generosity.

book-iconRosemond, J., The Well-Behaved Child, Thomas Nelson Inc, 2009.  One of several parenting books by Mr. Rosemond that provides concrete tools on how to form character and virtue in our children.

book-iconStetson, J., Compass: A Handbook of Parent Leadership, Scepter Publishers, 2003.  Mr. Stetson is an educator that draws on over 30 years of experience. This book summarizes the keys to forming character, countering the consumer culture, understanding discipline and dealing with the influence of mass media.  An easy to understand book with great examples and advice. 

book-iconSantorum, R., It Takes a Family – Conservatism and the Common Good, ISI Books, 2005.  An excellent book written by a U.S. Senator, father of six children.  The book covers how the family plays a central role in promoting the common good.  He argues that America’s “social capital”, that is its, moral, economic, cultural, and educational worth, must be cared for by strong families.   


article-call-icon-hispanicsCatholic Digest - Faith & Family magazine brings a Catholic perspective to dealing with everyday family life issues.  Experts weigh in on the difficulties in parenting, marriage and relationships.  Encourages traditional Catholic values.

article-call-icon-hispanicsParents.com – Doctors, educators, childcare experts offer tips, techniques and straightforward advice on family and parenting issues.

article-call-icon-hispanicsCitizen Link – a magazine from Focus on the Family dedicated to the protection of the family in the public square. Offers a variety of articles on marriage and parent education.