Member Highlight: Aner Iglesias

Aner Iglesias is originally from a small tobacco town in Pinar del Rio Cuba, called Pilotos where he spent most of his childhood until he left Cuba, at age 11 to reunite with his father. Aner was three years old when his father left Cuba.

He arrived in Los Angeles and quickly made it his home. Even though he was only 11, Aner started working at his uncle’s grocery business which became part of his daily life. He began school and later focused his studies in electrical engineering, but his passion for the grocery business eventually became his career.

Aner loves his Cuban culture, nostalgic memories of his homeland and family. But as a true Angelino, he thrives in a city that is rich in cultural diversity. He is part of the Cuban capsule that has an invisible lining united them all as a great big extended family in California.

As a passionate advocate of human rights, Aner, actively advocates for the freedom of all oppressed people and hope to one day go bak to a free Cuba.

A philanthropist at heart, Aner has always been active with numerous national and local boards, to include a few; the National Catholic Association of Latino Leaders, CALL-LA Chapter, Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House, Arcadia Methodist Hospital, Loyola Latino Alumni Association, and Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles Foundation. His Philanthropic work includes; rebuilding a couch in Pinar del Rio, and working with Catholic extensions to rebuild and remodel 17 churches in Cuba.

Aner was CALL’s 2019 Angel Awards recipient of the Business Award.